Sawdust & Scissors


Join me on my journey of DIY’s to update our home!  Our “new” house needed a WHOLE lot of updates.. Just short of being a rehab,  (I’d say it’s still a renovation, not a rehab!)  there was a LOT to do!  From basic tips on painting and more basic decor updates to more complicated projects like tiling a bathroom… You’ll find it here!

  • sewing
  • painting
  • painting techniques, and painting furniture
  • furniture updates
  • decor updates
  • tiling
  • major kitchen facelift
  • backsplash
  • how to choose colors
  • cabinet updates

… and more!  LOTS more!

I’ve been doing home projects for 15 years and have a whole lot of tips and tricks (based on learning the hard way, I assure you!)  I’m excited to share!


(…pssst!  in addition to my passion for DIY’s… I also have a passion for health, wellness and fitness!!  I’d love to share my wellness journey with you too!  Stay tuned!)